This is a Special Edition of my Summersville Lake flat map; the frame is painted to match the lake. Price: $150.00
 My laser-cut wood flat maps of the New River Gorge in the region of the New River Gorge bridge are presently offered in two sizes; this one in a 16” x 20” frame with glass. Each map is different than the previous and no two are alike as I change up river color, font type and art work. This one features a bridge jumper with parachute canopy open. Bridge Day is a once-a-year festival featuring B.A.S.E. jumpers who leap off the bridge, deploy their parachutes, then land in a clearing beside the New River. Price: $140.00
 This 16” x 20” flat map of the New River Gorge features art of a B.A.S.E. jumper as viewed from the inner workings of the bridge just before his parachute has deployed. Price: $140.00
 My latest New River Gorge flat map features new art work of a kayaker attacking the white water offered in the New River. Price: 140.00
 Here’s another view of a Summersville Lake flat map, only with a standard, black frame. Price: $140.00
 This edition of my New River Gorge flat map is in an 11” x 14” frame with glass for an even more economical price point. Smaller, but with all the same detail as the larger maps. Price: $100.00
 My latest creation,  the Rapids of the New River  (the lower New if you want to get specific). It’s been fun searching for sources of the names and location of each raid learning about the rapids of this section of the river. 11” x 17” frame with glass. $100.00
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