Beaver, West Virginia (for West Virginia Explorer travel guide/newsletter)

Whew! The last few days have been busy! Last week I answered a call to action from David Sibray (Publisher at West Virginia Explorer and President of Sibray Marketing & Public Relations) to capture images of nearby Beaver, WV to cite in the travel guide. Since I'm still in the beginning stages of my "drone" business I offered to create a video giving me the opportunity to continue to learn, build my portfolio and make new contacts. I got on my motorcycle and set out to Beaver three days in a row to capture images and video with my drone and still camera. Every time I thought I was finished for the day I found something else to photograph. One of the highlights was my attempt to capture aerial images of the National Mine Health and Safety Academy. Being a government facility, this is a secure location, but the security guards, receptionists and management I met there were exceptionally accommodating and polite. I felt this important facility should be included in the video, but understandably was not given permission this time. Another part of the problem is the close proximity to the airport. With more planning I'm sure future arrangements can be made, but I am thankful for the Academy for considering my proposal. 

Well, I'm editing the video now and I hope it lives up to David's expectations. In the meantime, you can visit West Virginia Explorer at