Kayaking on Summersville Lake

Wendy and I both enjoy nature, but our new home-state of West Virginia has really afforded us the opportunity to exploit this interest more than ever before. There's wonderful motorcycle riding, kayaking, hiking and more right outside our front door! But Labor Day weekend we expanded our horizons slightly and got the kayaks out to Summersville Lake (about a 45-minute drive from where we live in Beckley). Saturday we started at Muddlety Creek off Highway 39 quite a bit North of the main part of the lake. This was a quiet, paddle-only put-in allowing us to avoid the commotion of the motor boat put-ins nearer the lake. We had a quiet, enjoyable paddle down the river until we found an inviting swimming area. I passed my cell phone, hat, shirt and sunglasses to Wendy and tipped myself out of the boat! It was a glorious, refreshing swim in the comfortable water. I climbed back into my kayak and we paddled on.

We found little motivation on Sunday, but were re energized for another trip on Monday and wanted to take advantage of the good weather while we still could. We loaded up the Kayaks again and this time headed out to the put-in off Salmon Run road nearer the main part of Lake Summersville. There were more people for sure, but it was another wonderful trip with even better swimming areas! We found our own rock to beach the kayaks, stripped down to our swimming suits and took another cooling plunge in the clear water. When we were ready, we loaded up, paddled out a little farther, then decided to head back to beat the storm which never materialized anyway. Now we're thinking of buying two more kayaks for friends and family to enjoy with us!